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It’s beginning to sink in. Slowly, slowly its¬†sinking in. Filtering through the layers of happiness and being carefree. It’s sinking. Ever so slowly. Layer by layer, its sinking through my skin and bringing me back to the real world. Reality is waking up and looking at a body that you despise. Reality is pretending to … Continue reading

Complete overhaul.

Life is hectic, especially now that I have to work and be prepared to begin my second one at the drop of a hat, literally. My grandmother said that they give you about two hours notice before they want you there which is about the time it takes to get to the place. Needless to … Continue reading

Day 6/21: Do you binge? If so, when was your last binge and how did it make you feel?

Binge is such a loaded word in the disordered part of society. (There I go, making us sound like loons). This is because binge refers to an amount of calories, usually well over the recommended daily intake for one day. Just this weekend I heard old people talk about how they had supposedly “binged” on … Continue reading

Day 5/21: What is your favourite healthy snack or treat?

My favorite “healthy” snack or treat would have to be chicken/avocado sushi. I put speech marks around the word healthy because while it is considered to be one of the ‘healthier’ options for eating out, certain types of sushi can still be loaded with calories which does scare me. A lot. Which is why if … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day six.

Today I worked myself into the ground, almost literally. I stood in front of a commercial dishwasher from 9:30am until 6:15pm, just cleaning dishes and dodging bees/wasps that we’re attracted to the weird array of food left behind. Yuck. Honestly, if I get asked to wash the dishes within the next week I think my … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day five.

Lately I have been really slack on the food/exercise side of things. Some days I will eat completely healthy food but not exercise or I’ll binge on certain things and exercise but maintain or I’ll just flat out binge and gain a lot of weight almost overnight. It has not been fun. I’ve just been … Continue reading

Starting anew.

As the title says, I’m “starting anew”; meaning that I am restarting my dieting and restarting this blog after a short period of inactivity. I have several reasons for not blogging: 1) My mum’s laptop randomly turns itself off, 2) I’ve been working a tonne and have had no time to blog, 3) My sister … Continue reading


I promised myself that I wouldn’t be posting these types of things on here, but here I am, breaking my rules again. Sorry for not posting, I’ve just been so busy with work and eating too much food then not exercising afterwards. I honestly expected a 3kg weight gain after everything I ate but I’ve … Continue reading

ABC’s and the rest of the alphabet.

If some of you haven’t noticed then I’ll point it out for you, at the moment I don’t have an “About me” page. This is for two reasons: I haven’t entirely decided how anonymous¬†I want this blog to be, given the nature of its topic. For now, you can simply call me “K” and we’ll … Continue reading

Day 4/21: What is your exercise routine?

Exercise routine; a word that I am very familiar with. I’m one of those people who love routines. I get up and do the same thing as I get ready for work without fail; bathroom to shower and do girly things, coffee, get dressed, make up and hair, shoes, read a blog post or two … Continue reading

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