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Food diary!

Food and exercise diary: Day one.

Since I’m doing this weight loss thing ‘for real’ meaning with people being aware of what I’m doing and everything, I thought it was only fitting that I have a food and exercise diary that I update. I am online on other websites where I can track things, such as myfitnesspal but this seems like a good idea too. For now. Oh well, here goes nothing I guess. I have stated that I suffer from (self diagnosed) disordered eating so there are going to be days when there isn’t a lot to log on the food diary, others will have a lot and some will have a normal amount. It just depends on what kind of day I’m having. I am aware of what I’m doing. I am in control.

Food diary:


– Two cups of ice water: 0 calories


– Fat free French salad dressing: 11 calories

– Edam cheese: 61 calories

– Carrot: 10 calories

– Lettuce: 7 calories

– Moccona Classic instant coffee: 1 calorie

– Extra slim milk: 19 calories

– White sugar: 16 calories

– Vanilla extract: 7 calories


– Peach: 31 calories

– Superwine biscuit: 42 calories


– Condensed tomato soup: 47 calories

– Moccona Classic instant coffee: 1 calorie

– Extra slim milk: 19 calories

– White sugar: 16 calories

– Vanilla extract: 7 calories

Total calories: 293

Total carbs: 44g

Total fat: 8g

Total protein: 12g

This is based on the food diary that I use on that website, I will be a measly 34.4kg in five weeks time if I eat every single day like I did today. Um, no thank you. Firstly, that wasn’t by design that I didn’t eat a lot today. I just wasn’t hungry and secondly, 34.4kg seems small. Too small for anyone to want to be. I have no desire to be that small. Ever.

Exercise diary:

Power walking: 488 calories

Yes, that’s all the exercise I’ve done today. I’ve been working, climbing up and down ladders for the past three days so needless to say, my thighs hurt and are covered in bruises – as is the rest of my body. Since I burned 488 calories today that actually takes my total calorie intake to a total of -195 calories.

I cannot do that again tomorrow, although I am carefully planning what I’m going to eat and when I’m going to exercise it definitely will not be like today. On a side note, if anyone is a member on the website that I’ve been mentioning, feel free to leave a comment! It would be great to get to know more people on there :]



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