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Food diary!

Food and exercise diary: Day two.

For some obscure reason I was awake at 4am this morning; giving fashion, make-up and sex advice to a girl who has a new boyfriend. If she did what I said then damn, she’s gonna look good and he’s going to be one happy boy. When I woke up I had the worst hunger pain in the world, to the point of them being cramps and feeling like I was going to throw up from lack of food. Not the best way to start the day. Yesterday I felt like I was in control but today I can’t help feeling that I lost it. Today I had no control about what I ate but that’s about to change. Tomorrow I’m beginning the twenty-one day challenge. We’ll see how that turns out.

Food diary:


– Extra slim milk: 29 calories

– Superwine biscuit: 42 calories

– Manuka honey: 99 calories

– Lemon juice: 3 calories

– Hot water: 0 calories


– Subway 6″ Ham on white bread with swiss cheese, lettuce, carrot, onion, capsicum and cucumber with Italian dressing: 257 calories


– Pods with Mars (two servings): 240 calories (estimation)

– Spicy crackers (unknown): 60 calories (estimation)


– Subway 6″ Ham on white bread with swiss cheese, lettuce, carrot, onion, capsicum and cucumber with Italian dressing: 257 calories

Total calories: 987

Total carbs: 31g (unknown, I used the ‘quick add’ option for calories today because I knew how many most foods were)

Total fat: 0g (surely, that is not right)

Total protein: 3g

I know it’s silly to admit but those ‘unknown’ calories in my day actually really bother me. I like knowing exactly how many calories I have consumed and burned off in one day. I also like knowing exactly how many carbs, fat and protein I have consumed; by using the ‘quick add’ option for calories I don’t get to know that. Lesson learned; I am manually inputting every calorie if it kills me and I’m only eating the calories I know. Today’s intake is completely different from yesterday, almost 800 calories more which I hope you can see how I meant by ‘losing control’. Tomorrow will probably be different again.

Exercise diary:

Power walking: 331 calories

Today I was lazy on the exercise front, I even considered having this as my “off day” until I shoveled the other half of the foot long sandwich down my throat. If that hadn’t happened then today probably would have been my rest day. Oh well, a loss of 331 calories brings my total calorie intake to 656 calories which is alright. It’s still 400 over what I had yesterday but it’s not the end of the world. Just as well I didn’t have a rest day today. Tomorrow I am beginning the challenge to exact my diary to look a little different (hopefully).

Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start. A new beginning. A new chance, at everything. Don’t let it slide by.



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