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Food diary!

Food and exercise diary: Day four.

Today was the beginning of my “new week”. Today was better than yesterday, a lot better. I managed to keep my calorie consumption under control, well within my limits. Within the “safety zone”. There was no panic tonight, no self loathing about how much food I had consumed during the day, no urge to purge everything. There was nothing, not even the urge to exercise. So because of that I’ve decided that today is going to be my “rest day” and that I get to have one designated “rest day” of each week. There’s only so much a person can put their body through before it just shuts down and that cannot happen this week, I simply have too much to do. Tomorrow is going to be different though, honestly. (Broken record, alert!). I’m planning on going to sleep early(ish) tonight so I can wake up and do yoga! I’ve recently discovered a television channel that broadcasts a session of yoga every morning so I’m planning on getting up and doing it too! Hopefully I’m not too tired, if I am I’ll simply give it a miss this time around. I’m also planning on doing at least two hours of walking on the treadmill tomorrow since I have a precious day off work! Hallelujah! It’s like they read my mind of when I want to exercise and restrict. It’s wonderful ❤ Tomorrow is the day. For sure. After tomorrow I’m going to be surrounded by candy, cakes and other wonderfully delicious (and fattening) foods for the rest of the week. My self-control is definitely going to be tested but if today is anything to go by then I can do it. I know I can do it now. Bring it on. I mean it this time.

Food diary:


Half grapefruit: 41 calories

Extra slim milk: 19 calories

Moccona Classic Instant Coffee: 2 calories

Vanilla essence: 12 calories

Chelsea White Sugar: 8 calories

– Total calories: 82


Fresh N Fruity Passion Pineapple Yogurt: 143 calories

– Total calories:143


Uncle Toby’s Le Snack:  84 calories

Extra slim milk: 19 calories

Chelsea sugar: 8 calories

Generic coffee: 2 calories

– Total calories: 113


Beef Taco Salad: 159 calories

– Total calories: 159

Total calories for day: 497 calories

Total carbs: 52g

Total fat: 20g

Total protein: 23g

For the first time I don’t feel the panic flooding my body, its peaceful. There’s no mad rush pushing me to get changed and get on the treadmill, to push myself until the numbers jump around and blur in time with my steps. There is no push to see the number of calories rise higher and higher until it’s larger than my last meal. There is no push to walk until my legs ache and I’m sure I can’t go any further without dropping.

Exercise diary:

Today there was no exercising, excluding the five minutes of sit ups that I did this morning. So technically, I’m 25 calories down because of that, which brings my total calorie intake for today to 472 calories. Woohoo ❤ I’m pumped. I cannot wait until tomorrow. Bring it on! I’m ready.



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