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The twenty-one day challenge.

Day 4/21: What is your exercise routine?

Exercise routine; a word that I am very familiar with. I’m one of those people who love routines. I get up and do the same thing as I get ready for work without fail; bathroom to shower and do girly things, coffee, get dressed, make up and hair, shoes, read a blog post or two then I’m out the door for work. At work I sit around for ten minutes then get up and start working all day until I’m called for breaks, never eat morning or afternoon tea and have a salad for lunch. If you were a stalker you would know exactly what I do every day because it’s always the same. Anyway, I’m rambling; back to the original point of this point.

I have a pretty solid exercise routine, which I do every day or every second day at least. I’m planning on doing it for the rest of the week, hopefully. Once upon a time I used to do it every day but that’s when I was a thousand times more motivated than now, believe it or not, it’s up to you. I usually do thirty to sixty minutes of walking on the treadmill, depending if I worked that day or not. If I worked that day then I would walk for half an hour which burns 335 calories, if I don’t work then I usually do half an hour in morning then half an hour at night or late afternoon so altogether I would burn almost 700 calories on a non-working day. Then I do fifty sit ups at fifteen minute intervals for two hours and fifteen minutes with twenty-five leg lifts in between sit ups. I know, a lot of maths but I’m sure you pretty little people can handle it ❤ Altogether it equals 500 sit ups and 250 leg lifts every night.

There you have it, my daily exercise routine! Boring I know, I’m trying to work on it though. I’m actually going into town tomorrow night (hopefully) to 1) Buy a waffle maker because I’ve wanted one forever, 2) Start collating my friend’s birthday gift and 3) Buy the Zumba workout DVD because I’ve wanted to try it for a very long time. My mummy and I are going to be Zumba partners! Wish us luck! If you’re lucky you might get a video of our ridiculous dance moves!



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