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I promised myself that I wouldn’t be posting these types of things on here, but here I am, breaking my rules again. Sorry for not posting, I’ve just been so busy with work and eating too much food then not exercising afterwards. I honestly expected a 3kg weight gain after everything I ate but I’ve actually lost weight. Not much, but still, it’s weight loss which is better than the latter.

Here’s a list of things that I’ve eaten over the past three days:

– Apple pie

– Toffee pops

– Croissant

– Hot chocolate

– Various cookies

– Iced animal cookies

– Fruit stick candy

The list could go on and on forever. Long story short: none of the food I’ve been eating is healthy and I’ve still managed to lose weight. WOOHOO. Right now I’m getting ready for work (hence the speedy post) but expect a better one in the next couple of days! Stay beautiful people! ❤



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