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Food diary!

Food and exercise diary: Day five.

Lately I have been really slack on the food/exercise side of things. Some days I will eat completely healthy food but not exercise or I’ll binge on certain things and exercise but maintain or I’ll just flat out binge and gain a lot of weight almost overnight. It has not been fun. I’ve just been too tired to focus on anything other than getting myself through the day. This working thing is hard not to mention the fact that I think my glandular fever is coming back, with full force this time. I’m just so tired all the time and no amount of food, water or sleep/rest does anything to help it. Trust me, I’ve tried everything and nothing has changed. I don’t like where this is heading. If it gets any worse then I might have to give up my work contract because I simply won’t be able to deal with the hours that I’m required to work. Hopefully it’ll get better with time, a better diet, several good nights of sleep and exercise.

Food diary:


Yoplait French cheesecake flavored yoghurt: 67 calories

Extra slim milk: 19 calories

Vanilla essence: 12 calories

Chelsea white sugar: 8 calories

Mocconna instant coffee: 2 calories

– Total calories:108


Half orange: 35 calories

– Total calories: 35


Banana: 90 calories

– Total calories: 90


Dried apricots (seven pieces): 120 calories

Peach: 60 calories

– Total calories: 180

Total calories for day: 413 calories

Total carbs: 94g

Total fat: 0g

Total protein: 12g

Exercise diary:

Yesterday I was too tired to exercise so I gave it a miss but that will  change today! I’m planning on doing twenty minutes on the treadmill which should burn about 200 calories and fifteen minutes of sit ups which burns  about 96 calories. So by the time that I’ve gone to bed tonight I should  have burned off at least 300 calories (my estimation).

* This food diary is for yesterday. The one that applies to today is a little hazy so it’s going to be left out and I will begin with my food for tomorrow. On the upside, I did go for that walk and managed to burn about 240 calories. Oh yeah!



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