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The twenty-one day challenge.

Day 6/21: Do you binge? If so, when was your last binge and how did it make you feel?

Binge is such a loaded word in the disordered part of society. (There I go, making us sound like loons). This is because binge refers to an amount of calories, usually well over the recommended daily intake for one day. Just this weekend I heard old people talk about how they had supposedly “binged” on the mini savouries but in reality they had two. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies but that is definitely nothing close to a binge. In a binge some people eat thousands of calories in one sitting, usually in a short amount of time while others believe they’ve binged when they’ve slowly eaten increasing amounts of food throughout the day.

Okay, now that I have that cleared up, its time for the answer: No, I don’t binge. I do have periods of time when my stomach turns into a bottomless pit and I eat everything in sight but to me that doesn’t constitute a binge. I’m simply overeating.

Nevertheless, it feels awful. My stomach gets all distended and hard, sitting down becomes painful, standing up isn’t an options and lying down makes food slide back up your throat of its own free will. There’s just no way to get comfortable . I have to admit, after overeating I have tried to purge. Several times actually. None of them have been successful though because I’ve been too scared of what that would mean. I’m good at restricting food, not throwing it back up. I’m scared of what I would become if I started purging as well as restricting.  I just can’t think about it. I won’t think about it.



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