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Complete overhaul.

Life is hectic, especially now that I have to work and be prepared to begin my second one at the drop of a hat, literally. My grandmother said that they give you about two hours notice before they want you there which is about the time it takes to get to the place. Needless to say, I’ve been sorting through my clothes and putting them into piles of “inappropriate”, “I wouldn’t wear that if my life depended on it” and “work clothes”. Of course, my “work clothes” pile is looking a little slim so I’m going shopping with my mum for clothes tomorrow! Hello sexy sweat pants and long shirts teamed with ugly jumpers! Boo ;[ I’m going to try drag her to Dotti (my favorite store) for a little dress shopping. I’m hoping that I can convince her to buy me a nice dress to wear for my birthday at the end of April cause every girl needs a nice dress or ten, don’t they? ;]

Anyway, this overhaul is beginning soon, right now actually. Today is my last day of eating like a semi-normal/semi-restrictive person. Tomorrow I am beginning the twenty-one day challenge again. I know, again. This time I am one thousand times more determined. A couple of days ago I saw the scales hit 41.9 for the first time since 2009 and I was so ridiculously happy. Those numbers make me happy. Low numbers on the scale and a low-calorie intake make me happy. The number of sit ups and minutes spent walking or bike riding make me happy. The number of calories burned off at the end of the day make me happy. Numbers are making me happy. Correction: low numbers are making me happy. Any numbers higher than 500 sends me into a tail spin that lasts for three days. Frantic exercising to work off the calories that I don’t want, that my body doesn’t need. Endless crunches in the middle of the night. Always pushing myself further, harder, longer until I collapse.

Starting tomorrow I am following the rules of the challenge strictly and adding my own which I will add on here at a later date. I’m also going to be blogging more, a lot more. I feel like I’ve been neglecting this blog and that’s going to stop today.

I will be logging my food diary on here every day so I can keep a count of exactly how much I eat. I will be tracking my weight loss and updating here once a week, simply because weight fluctuates a lot on a day-to-day basis. I will be posting my Foodie Friday posts again. I will be continuing with the posts in accordance with the twenty-one day challenge, beginning where I left off.

I will be back with full force. I will do this.



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