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Last time.

Hello my lovelies, I am back! [Even if it is only temporary]. I am back from work! Hooray! Cue happy dance here. Work is tiring, as is the ‘real world’. I’m beginning to stage a war on the ‘real world’ it doesn’t know what a ‘day off’ is. Hence the fact that I’m only going … Continue reading


It’s something that’s hit me like a tonne of bricks. It’s like I’ve woken up today and I can see clearly for the first time in a very, very long time. What I’m doing is not healthy. It’s not healthy to eat 200 calories and then burn off 500, just to see a shift of … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day eight.

After days of not posting my food/exercise diary and just flat-out not posting at all, here it is and here I am! I’m posting my food diary for the first time in a long time, after numerous binges and failure. After days of hating myself I have finally got the courage to publish my food … Continue reading

Now I know.

Yesterday I was confused as to why I couldn’t take my own advice, why I didn’t believe my own advice. Well, looking through my food diary yesterday and now it’s pretty clear. It was horrible. My mum bought this pre-made Shepard’s pie from the store a couple of days ago, one you heat up in … Continue reading

A new day.

A new day brings a lot of things; a new perspective, new determination, new goals but most importantly: a new start. On myfitnesspal there are always people posting status’ about how they went over their calorie intake and how disappointed they are with themselves. I’m always the first one to post “Hey, don’t worry! Tomorrow is … Continue reading

Kicking my ass.

That’s what today is doing; it’s kicking my ass. I never thought a simple cold could make me lose control like this. I thought I had an iron grip over what food I considered to be ‘safe’ and what wouldn’t pass through my lips at all. Obviously that all changed today. Hot cross buns, white … Continue reading

Told you so.

My predictions are coming true, already. It’s not even lunch-time yet and I’ve already eaten more than I had prepared myself for. This is horrible. Energy trail mix followed by white chocolate buttons followed by raisins and doritos followed by dried apple rings followed by mini waffles leftover from yesterday. It was my friend’s birthday on … Continue reading


My throat is aching, burning like it is on fire. My head is pounding, a secret pain that only I can feel. My body feels slow, sluggish as I walk through the house, surveying the mess that will be my duty to clean up. My eyes are struggling to stay open, every blink is a war … Continue reading

Waffles, waffles and MORE waffles.

Obviously I am not someone who should be left unsupervised, at all. I have no self-control. I’ve lost it. Lost my control. Lost my willpower. Lost myself. Today I made waffles, as you do and I left some of them in the fridge when I cleaned up afterwards. Big mistake. Colossal mistake. I shouldn’t have … Continue reading

Day 7/21: What was the last compliment you remember receiving? What is the best compliment you could possibly receive?

Disclaimer: Since I’m beginning this challenge again but not restarting the posts I’m a little ahead of myself, obviously. Since this is the case I’m only going to be posting for this challenge every two-three days otherwise I’ll run out of posts before I finish the challenge. Hopefully this will work out nicely, I haven’t … Continue reading

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