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Food diary!

Food and exercise diary: Day seven.

Disclaimer: Yesterday I ran out of time to post a food/exercise diary so I’m posting it this morning. The food/exercise diary for today shall be posted tonight if fate smiles kindly upon me and decides that I do not have to work tomorrow. We shall see :]

I was doing so well yesterday with my eating habits until my friends got to my house. Instinctively they went to my kitchen to look for food (as always) and I followed. Typical. It resulted in eating food that I didn’t want and didn’t need then feeling completely horrible about myself. I was bloated. I was gross. I still am gross. That will only change when I’m skinny again. When I’m skinny I will be beautiful.

Food diary:


Mocconna instant coffee: 2 calories

Extra slim milk: 19 calories

Chelsea white sugar: 8 calories

– Total calories: 39


Calci yum original chocolate yogurt: 123 calories

Belgian slice: 300 calories (estimate)

– Total calories: 423


Unnamed cereal: 125 calories

Mocconna instant coffee: 2 calories

Extra slim milk: 19 calories

Chelsea white sugar: 8 calories

– Total calories: 164

Total calories for day: 626 calories

Total carbs: 27g

Total fat: 2g (not including Belgian slice)

Total protein: 8g

That was completely terrible. I just saw the Belgian slice and I needed to eat it. I “needed” it. I “needed” to feel the sweet, sugary goodness pass through my lips, giving me a small happiness before passing to the rest of my body and making me hate myself.

Exercise diary:

Power-walking: 340 calories

Yesterday I had planned on doing two sessions of twenty minutes on the treadmill which would have ended with a grand total of 460 calories lost but my friends came over and effectively thwarted that plan. Boo ;[ I ended up doing half an hour of walking at 8km/h which resulted in 340 calories lost, giving me a grand total of 286 calories for the whole day. Booyah! Give or take a couple hundred calories though, that Belgian slice really is a killer when it comes to calories. Never, ever again. The twenty-one day challenge begins again today. Right now. Bring it on, I’m ready for round two.



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