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I’m beginning the twenty-one day challenge again and I thought that I should make some extra rules for myself. Everyone who is trying to lose weight should have a few rules so here are some of mine:

1. Do not eat past 7.30/8pm. No calories shall pass through my lips after that time, only ice water if I get hungry. When you “get hungry” it’s actually your body telling you that you need water, in any form you’re prepared to give it and after a certain time your body becomes incapable of processing food.

2. No breads past 3pm and no more than two pieces a day. If bread has been part of lunch the day before then try making something to eat the next day. Note: The challenge actually calls forno white bread but I think that’s all we have, so at the moment I will not be having any bread. Maybe.

3. Do not eat over the recommended calorific intake (in other words, do not binge) past the point of 1,200 calories a day.

4. Before and after a meal drink a glass of ice water to improve hydration, boost digestion and have that satisfying ‘full’ feeling for longer.

5. Do not eat anymore candy / sweet food. If you want to eat something sweet it has to be from Weight Watchers, be 100% fat-free or so ridiculously low in calories that it doesn’t matter.

6. Choose fruit and vegetables first. Always.

7. Doat leasthalf an hour of exercise each day.

8. Do at least 250 sit ups at the end of the day. If you miss a day then you have to do double the amount the next night to make up for it.

9. If you overeat one day then you have to take those calories off your intake for the next day. If there’s no calories left then so be it.

10. Never, ever let anyone catch onto what you’re doing.



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