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Told you so.

My predictions are coming true, already. It’s not even lunch-time yet and I’ve already eaten more than I had prepared myself for. This is horrible. Energy trail mix followed by white chocolate buttons followed by raisins and doritos followed by dried apple rings followed by mini waffles leftover from yesterday.

It was my friend’s birthday on the 1st April and I had promised to make her muffins, triple chocolate muffins that I’m going to have to try before giving to her. That “taste test” is probably going to turn into a whole muffin, probably two. Then I still have to eat dinner in front of my family to make me seem at least half-normal. Last night I managed only eating half the (pathetic) portion of chicken that my mum gave me. I got some sideways looks but a simple “I’ve had to stare at this for the last hour” excuse and no one suspected a thing. Crisis adverted. For now at least.

I’ve officially given up. I know I keep saying that I’m “more determined” and that I can “do it” but it’s just not happening. I’m off to melt some fatty cheese over some more fatty-carb loaded Doritos to satisfy my cheese cravings. I need cheese. I need it. So bad. I give up. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.



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