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Food diary!

Food and exercise diary: Day eight.

After days of not posting my food/exercise diary and just flat-out not posting at all, here it is and here I am! I’m posting my food diary for the first time in a long time, after numerous binges and failure. After days of hating myself I have finally got the courage to publish my food diary for the first time in a while. After all, today is the first time that I’ve stuck (more or less) to my food plan.

Food diary:


Wrigley’s extra strawberry chewing gum (two pieces): 9 calories

Feijoa: 11 calories


Apple (half): 28 calories

Hard-boiled egg white: 17 calories


Kellogg’s special k, 99% fat-free + low GI (cereal only): 84 calories


Apple (half): 28 calories

Moconna instant coffee: 2 calories

Extra slim milk: 19 calories

Chelsea sugar (half teaspoon): 8 calories

Total calories: 206

Total carbs: 36g

Total fat: 0

Total protein: 10g

A total of 206 calories for the whole day is definitely not something I can complain about, especially because of all the binging I’ve been doing lately. What’s even better? I actually feel full. I don’t need more food. I could survive on this for a long time. How long is a ‘long time’ exactly? I don’t know. The point: I’m happy today. Happy, happy, happy. 206, 206, 206.

Exercise diary:

Power-walking at 8km/h: 265 calories.

That’s right, 265 calories burned today, meaning that I’m sitting on deficit calories for today. That makes me happy and almost completely guarantees a loss! Fingers crossed. -59 calories for today. Booyah! I’m planning on doing some sit ups and leg lifts later tonight too. I’m getting my body fully ready for the load of crap that I’m going to eat over the weekend -.- Hopefully I can keep the damage to a minimum.

I’ve decided (again) that I’m not going to weigh myself every day of the week, water weight makes it impossible to get a completely accurate reading every day and it makes me depressed to see a higher number. So because of that I’m going to be picking one day and that’s going to be my ‘weigh in’ day. Maybe I can even make it a feature on here, like my thoughts and feelings about it…That would be quite a nice addition :’] I think I’m gonna do that.

Okay, I fulfilled my promise. Keep an eye out tomorrow for another food diary, my Foodie Friday post and an update about my food challenge! Lots of things to be updated.

Stay strong everyone ❤



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