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Now I know.

Yesterday I was confused as to why I couldn’t take my own advice, why I didn’t believe my own advice. Well, looking through my food diary yesterday and now it’s pretty clear. It was horrible.

My mum bought this pre-made Shepard’s pie from the store a couple of days ago, one you heat up in the microwave or oven then eat; terrible processed stuff if you ask me. The first night it was sitting in the fridge I was able to resist temptation and not eat anything, it just didn’t look appealing to me. The next morning however? That was a completely different story. There was about half the dish left, full of mince, cheese, potato and pastry. It only took ten minutes, maybe a little more, then all of that was gone. All of it. Then there was the cupcakes I had to make for my friend, I ate two of them. Then there was the flakes that I was decorating them with, two of those disappeared. Numerous cups of coffee. More hot cross buns. Cereal. More, more, more. I just couldn’t get full yesterday. My stomach ached for more food. More, more, more.

Needless to say, I’ve put on weight. My being sick combined with poor food/exercise habits, of course I’ve gained weight. I’m not some magical fairy that can eat whatever she wants and still lose overnight but that would be awesome. I think that’s every girls dream. Well with a 400g weight gain just from one day, I’m restricting and restricting hard today. I’m quite proud of what I’ve managed today so I’ll probably be putting up the first food diary tonight!

Fingers crossed I can make this last for the rest of the day.



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