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Food and exercise diary: Day eight.

After days of not posting my food/exercise diary and just flat-out not posting at all, here it is and here I am! I’m posting my food diary for the first time in a long time, after numerous binges and failure. After days of hating myself I have finally got the courage to publish my food … Continue reading

Kicking my ass.

That’s what today is doing; it’s kicking my ass. I never thought a simple cold could make me lose control like this. I thought I had an iron grip over what food I considered to be ‘safe’ and what wouldn’t pass through my lips at all. Obviously that all changed today. Hot cross buns, white … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day seven.

Disclaimer: Yesterday I ran out of time to post a food/exercise diary so I’m posting it this morning. The food/exercise diary for today shall be posted tonight if fate smiles kindly upon me and decides that I do not have to work tomorrow. We shall see :] I was doing so well yesterday with my … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day six.

Today I worked myself into the ground, almost literally. I stood in front of a commercial dishwasher from 9:30am until 6:15pm, just cleaning dishes and dodging bees/wasps that we’re attracted to the weird array of food left behind. Yuck. Honestly, if I get asked to wash the dishes within the next week I think my … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day five.

Lately I have been really slack on the food/exercise side of things. Some days I will eat completely healthy food but not exercise or I’ll binge on certain things and exercise but maintain or I’ll just flat out binge and gain a lot of weight almost overnight. It has not been fun. I’ve just been … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day four.

Today was the beginning of my “new week”. Today was better than yesterday, a lot better. I managed to keep my calorie consumption under control, well within my limits. Within the “safety zone”. There was no panic tonight, no self loathing about how much food I had consumed during the day, no urge to purge … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day three.

Today was the first day of my “health challenge” and I failed. Failed badly, in fact. I can’t believe I have such bad self-control. I would purge but I can’t. I would exercise but I feel like I’m going to be sick. I would burn myself but I threw out my lighter because I was … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day two.

For some obscure reason I was awake at 4am this morning; giving fashion, make-up and sex advice to a girl who has a new boyfriend. If she did what I said then damn, she’s gonna look good and he’s going to be one happy boy. When I woke up I had the worst hunger pain in … Continue reading

Food and exercise diary: Day one.

Since I’m doing this weight loss thing ‘for real’ meaning with people being aware of what I’m doing and everything, I thought it was only fitting that I have a food and exercise diary that I update. I am online on other websites where I can track things, such as myfitnesspal but this seems like … Continue reading

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