The twenty-one day challenge.

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Day 7/21: What was the last compliment you remember receiving? What is the best compliment you could possibly receive?

Disclaimer: Since I’m beginning this challenge again but not restarting the posts I’m a little ahead of myself, obviously. Since this is the case I’m only going to be posting for this challenge every two-three days otherwise I’ll run out of posts before I finish the challenge. Hopefully this will work out nicely, I haven’t … Continue reading

Day 6/21: Do you binge? If so, when was your last binge and how did it make you feel?

Binge is such a loaded word in the disordered part of society. (There I go, making us sound like loons). This is because binge refers to an amount of calories, usually well over the recommended daily intake for one day. Just this weekend I heard old people talk about how they had supposedly “binged” on … Continue reading

Day 5/21: What is your favourite healthy snack or treat?

My favorite “healthy” snack or treat would have to be chicken/avocado sushi. I put speech marks around the word healthy because while it is considered to be one of the ‘healthier’ options for eating out, certain types of sushi can still be loaded with calories which does scare me. A lot. Which is why if … Continue reading

Day 4/21: What is your exercise routine?

Exercise routine; a word that I am very familiar with. I’m one of those people who love routines. I get up and do the same thing as I get ready for work without fail; bathroom to shower and do girly things, coffee, get dressed, make up and hair, shoes, read a blog post or two … Continue reading

Day 3/21: If you were at your ultimate goal weight right now, what piece of clothing would you buy/wear?

That’s a tricky question because at the moment I don’t have an ultimate goal weight. My first goal weight is 40kg which is only 2.9kg away! My aim is to reach that first “goal weight” then maintain it for a while so my body can get used to the change. Normally I would continue to lose … Continue reading

Day 2/21: What is your favorite part of your body?

Wow, this is definitely a loaded question, like Russian roulette. You might as well spin and pull the trigger, wondering what kind of outcome you’re going to get. Completely disastrous or another chance at life. If it’s just for a little while. Ask that question to me in person and you’ll probably end up with a lot … Continue reading

Day 1/21: What is your current weight and what would you like it to be?

That’s right, if the title of this blog post doesn’t say it all then let me tell you! I’ve started the challenge. Twenty-one days of completely healthy eating, should be easy enough. Before I started this blog I had been bingeing on unhealthy food (which are also some of my favorites) like: white chocolate buttons, ginger … Continue reading

Bring it on.

I saw this challenge on a blog that I read daily: My Struggle With Perfection. Just reading that post I’ve seen that we have similar eating habits. I would compare calories and I would see that something unhealthy, like a homemade cupcake, actually had the same amount of calories as something ‘healthy’. Naturally, I would … Continue reading

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